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In this era of digital marketing and digital business website designing, maintaining it and keeping it up to date is one of the important steps. Many people are of the opinion that after a successfully designed website is set up the job is over. This is completely a myth as regular maintenance is required or else it might lead to financial loss.


There must be a proper plan when designing your website so that it attracts the attention of the customer. Keeping this is mind we at Globalmark take the following steps:

1. Technical audit – this is to ensure that your company website has a solid foundation, it is easily accessible and crawlable by the search engines.

2.Content audits – this works on the content of your website and through the SEO keyword research process, linguistic priorities are established. It is done to capitalise on search trends and opportunities.

3. Authority audits – your company’s standing will be compared with other companies. After learning your position, a realistic approach will be taken to achieve the agreed goals. Identification of areas of potential long term, and immediate gain are also done.  

In addition, we look through various other things like unique content writing. The better the content is the more unique your site will be and it will get a higher rank.  A competitor survey is done then improvements are decided. If your URL has the right original content the traffic in the search engine will increase.Services like site map, internal link building, image optimisation are also provided.



The main services provided by us are listed below:

  • E-commerce website design
  • Social media marketing
  • Written content writing
  • Logo design
  • Website maintenance
  • Google marketing
  • Leaflet design
  • Stationary design


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